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A Finn/Kurt Community

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A community for Finn/Kurt shippers

"I thought I made it clear. I'm in love with someone else."

Welcome to finnkurt, a community dedicated to shipping Finn Hudson and Kurt Hummel from the FOX TV series Glee! We're happy you decided to stop by and we hope you enjoy the community!
Community Rules

1. Spoilers MUST be under a cut. Anything that hasn't been aired in the U.S. yet is considered a spoiler. That includes promos for next week, as well as songs and episode titles for unaired episodes. Posts that ignore this rule will be immediately deleted. Recent episodes should be considered spoilers for one week before information about them can be placed outside a cut.

2. Please tag your entries. You can find a tag list here. If you need a tag added, you can let one of the mods know.

3. Please be respectful of other people and pairings. Rudeness and trolling will not be tolerated.

4. Keep the spam to a minimum. More will be said about this if it becomes an issue.

5. If you have a question about what is and isn't okay to post, ask one of the mods. We'd like the community to stay on topic, so as long as the post pertains to Finn/Kurt or something to do specifically with Cory AND Chris together, it should be fine. This means that a general interview that Cory does should not be posted, but an interview where Cory mentions something about Chris or something about Finn/Kurt is fine. Also, please don't post general Glee information or photoshoots for only one of the actors, since there are plenty of other communities where this information can be found. This is a community for a pairing, not an individual community for Chris or Cory.

6. Threesomes are fine to post as long as there is equal focus on Kurt and Finn. So Finn/Kurt/Rachel stories are fine if it's actually a threesome and not Finn/Rachel + random Kurt appearance.

7. Please contact a mod before posting community advertisements. You can find the post here.
Fic Posting Rules

1. All fan-fiction must be under an LJ cut. The same goes for any post with large images. If you don’t know how to use an LJ cut, go here.
2. Fic should be posted with the proper heading, which should look similar to this:


Please remember to post any spoilers and anything you think could be considered a warning in your story. If you're posting a chaptered story, please include links to previous parts. We do not tolerate linking to locked fic posts. If you're linking to a personal journal, the fic in question must be public. Also, RPS is allowed (however, we do understand if you want to keep RPS fiction locked).