Becky (bekkis) wrote in finnkurt,

A Finn/Kurt Comment Meme!

The First Semi-Annual Finn/Kurt COMMENT FIC THING MEME!

Been dying to write some Finn/Kurt fic, but haven't had the inspiration to do so? Or maybe you're dying to make some totally badass art and you're looking for a prompt or two or three? This is your chance to do it!

Never seen a comment fic thing meme before? It's pretty simple! Leave a prompt (Exhibit A: Kurt/Finn, First Kiss) and someone comments back with a ficlet or graphic or art in response. Sound pretty simple? We're accepting anything for promts; actual fic prompts, pictures, whatever you want! Here be the rules!

1) Play Nice! We're all awesome here, so if someone prompts something that isn't your cup of tea, use your scroll bar;)
2) Prompts have to include Finn/Kurt as a main pairing. Finn+Kurt as BFF prompts are fine, Finn/Kurt/Third Party (or fourth or fifth;) prompts are fine! They just need to be the main focus of the prompt.
3) Prompts can be as kinky or vanilla as you want! Seriously, go all out!
4) You don't have to write fic/be an artist to leave a prompt. Anyone can leave a prompt! We do ask that you don't go totally crazy, aka leaving 50 prompts at once. You may also post your prompt responses in your own journal, but please leave a link in the meme so we can link you later!
5) More than one person can respond to the same prompt. Your mods here are damn greedy and want more Finn/Kurt love! The more the merrier!

Start promting! If you'd like to pimp us out, here's a couple of banners (feel free to use the URL, I have plenty of bandwidth!). This meme will be open through the entire month of February, so get to it! We will collect all the links and make a master post at the beginning of March! Have fun!

Tags: !mod post, community activities: fic meme
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